Agility Kudos

  Ken, Once again you out did yourself and I’m one grateful customer.  As usual, you 
produced a video that captures the good and the bad.  The good tells me that I’m 
learning.  The bad tells me I still have a ways to go.  But the slo-mo brings 
tears to my eyes.  I’m not sure how you are able to sync Dempsey’s movements to 
the music, but you do it wonderfully.  The little extras - like when I’m warming 
up Dempsey before the run - are so much fun,  like icing on the cake. 
  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your videos are worth so much more than what 
you charge.    - Cheryl and Dempsey   Feb. 16, 2017

  I am so thankful to have all the videos you have created for me!  I will cherish
the memories for the rest of my life!  I think back to the time I learned of
Chief's back injury and did not know if he would ever be able to perform agility
again.  At the time, I did not care about agility; I just wanted him out of
pain.  Now, I feel so grateful for the years Chief and I shared in the agility
ring.  And even more grateful you were able to capture those years on video!  I
hope you know how special you are to me!  Words cannot describe the gratitude!  
    You are such a special part of my agility life!  While I was creating memories
with my dogs, you were always there capturing those moments on video so I can
relive those special moments for the rest of my life!  You have truly been a
blessing to me and I hope to see you soon.   -  Deana M.   Nov. 20, 2016

      Received!  We are so glad to have all those runs saved in such a special way.
Thank you for your time and talent to capture each one of them, before- during-
and after.  It's always so informative to get to see such clear detail of their
jumping and skills- I didn't realize each one of them had some issues with
footing on this type of turf.  I also didn't know that Deborah would get to
attend with us- and was tickled you captured our family togetherness for the two
legs as well as the four.  Heartfelt thank you's Ken. You are a treasure. 
 - Elizabeth W.     Oct. 29, 2016

    Ken, I just wanted to tell you thank you for the videos of the agility trial in Blue Springs.  I really appreciate the slow motion ones as I look much more graceful in those than normal speed.  I enjoyed watching all the videos, but, especially in the slow motion ones with Zac. Watching them in slow motion brought a tear to my eyes just thinking how Zac and I have always had that connection to where we just know what each other is thinking and doing.  It was very beautiful to watch.
Thanks, much,  Debbie     Oct. 31, 2016

    Ken- I received the video you sent yesterday !
Thank you so much for this! It's another example of the quality videos you produce! Your expertise (and Thin Mints) will be greatly missed when you finally decide to completely retire. 
Thank you again so very much,     Lynn M.    Oct. 19, 2016

    Just got home and could not wait to watch "THE VIDEO!"  Oh is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suzanne B.  Oct. 2, 2016

    Love my video. Especially slow motion! Thank you, Team Mavis!    - Stacey M.    Oct. 1, 2016

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! The DVD came and what an amazing job! Jim couldn't stop smiling. You captured everything! Thank you so much. I owe you a pie this time!!!   - Christie B.    Sep. 30, 2016

     Words cannot thank you enough for the recent DVD you made of Breezy....                                      - Deb W,          Sep. 14, 2016

   Dear Ken:  can't describe how special this DVD video is from the Springfield trial June 17-19, 2016. The slow motion part with so touching you will never know and it will be such a special DVD for me for years to come. Thank you so much for capturing our runs all 3 days. It is a great training tool for me. Even though I did not Q the entire weekend, the pre-run, waiting outside the ring and all of the great video is so helpful to help me determine what works and doesn't work for Darby. And most of all, the slow motion and the music...again means so much. You know Darby was recently injured, then on top of that I had a health scare/ both Darby and I were...recovering from health issues at the same time. Bottomline, that could have been our last run(s) together. I hope it isn't. Both Darby and I seem to be almost back to 100% so hope we can stay that way... Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart for this video/DVD. It is so wonderful to have the memories and training tool. You are so good at what you do...a true professional. Fondly, Janine M     July 13, 2016

   Hello Ken-  I finally had the time to sit down and watch the entire video! Once again you've made me tear up. The music you used during the slo-mo was perfect, especially when you think that Slider was never supposed to be physically able to run agility at all. Thank you so much for doing such a terrific job. I'll treasure this memory forever.   - Lynn M.      July 6, 2016

   Ken, I appreciated the new music on all the runs, but I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that slo-mo!  I have a stack of videos you made for me, but you outdid yourself on this one.  The only thing that would have made it better was if I
had managed a few more Qs.  Thank you.  This one is special. 
- Cheryl         June 26, 2016

   Hi Ken,  Thanks so much for the great videos!!  Received them a couple days ago, but I put off watching them because I knew it would be a tear fest – and it was for Mariah J.  Everything is awesome, including the slow motion runs, stills, and music (love all of the music!).  They are both absolutely wonderful... Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank you!!!    - Karen N        June 21, 2016

     Oh my gosh! Tears are just streaming down our faces here. That was absolutely
beautiful!!!! What a keepsake, what a treasure. And you were right, we had to
get the tissues out.   Words just don't express how much we appreciate your talents have touched our hearts. You really captured the bond Lucy & I have developed along this journey.
Thank you again!   - Molly. Lucy and Mary (Mom)     June 22, 2016

    Hi Ken.  Thanks SO much for sending Torch's video from Lincoln.  I have watched it several times by now.  I had almost forgotten how much more detail I can see with your video vs the ones I get with my iPad.  You captured every detail and that is very helpful to see how Torch is reacting to my handling (or not :)  The little extra touches by putting in my QQ and including the Stormy/Jim/Lori video was super.  I had not seen that exchange.  Precious moments for sure.  I really love having the slow motion video.  It always gives me goose bumps to see the power & athleticism of my dogs in slow motion and to music.  I had no idea how much he was slipping, but still kept the bars up.  See you in a few days.  -- Linda N.       June 30, 2015

   ...Returning to the agility ring is way down the road if ever, but because of you, Ken, I will always have all those wonderful memories saved on CD with the last one being the absolute best... - Allison R.   June 25, 2015

    HI Ken - I got my video last week and watched it this weekend. I was so touched by
the last slow motion set you made.  Not only the song but the clips you
selected.  Those dogs have definitely had their own broken roads before
they came into my world and yet they all give me everything they have and
I adore them each to pieces.  That was a true keepsake Ken, Thank you so
very much, and yes, it made me cry. I'm grateful their broken roads led
them to me, or maybe it was me to them :)   Take care,   - Cheryl   June 22, 2015

   Hi Ken - I got the video of Luna over the weekend.  Thanks so much!  The slo mo piece was really helpful for me - it's been really interesting to see when and where she should have added another stride before jumping vs when she strides correctly.  As always, guess we have some work to do. :-) Great stuff!  Hope to see you again soon.     - Lisa B.   June 22, 2015

    Hi Ken. I was so excited to get the video of Cooper's runs from the GAC trial in the mail yesterday! I watched it three times in a row and smiled the whole time. For years I've seen the the glowing comments about your work and thought I should have you do a video of Coop, but always thought I'd wait to do it when we were better, or faster, or I was thinner (ha!). Cooper was injured a few months back and at 10 yrs old I wasn't sure he'd be able to continue with agility. One of the associated regrets was, "I never got that video." After that I decided to never put off something like this again. Any given run with our dogs could be our last, so seize the day and live in the moment. I'm so glad Cooper is healthy again and even more glad that I'll have this video of a fantastic weekend with my teammate, my "goodest boy", my first agility dog. It will be a treasured keepsake.                                     Thanks so much!   - Darci       Dec. 13, 2014       

    Hi Ken, I got the video today! I love it! I told Chris if I die before he does,
I want him to play the slo-mo one at my funeral. It makes me so happy to see it.  Thank you so much!          - Mary W. ,      April 29, 2015

     Dear Ken,  Cheryl with Dempsey posted her "circus" run on facebook.  I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.  Your choice of music was so perfect for that.  That will be a video she will cherish for a long time.  No Q, but the run of all times.  Thanks for taking all of our good and not so good runs and making us smile and cry the whole way.  - Allison,   April 20, 2015

     Ken, I ordered an extra dvd from the early March GAC trial at Purina to send to my pup's breeders.  Below is their reaction and it says it all way better than I could!  Thanks for another great video,   Carole   - April 7, 2015
     "I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the video on several levels. Neither of us had ever watched one of Ken's videos before. We were really impressed! Now that I've seen the quality of his work, I think I'll have him film our girls. I wish I had had him film Taz! That would have been a nice momento of her Aglity career. He really did an outstanding job filming your runs with both girls; and we enjoyed the candid footage of relationship building Ken captured outside the ring. I didn't realize how good/enjoyable his videos are. Having said that, I can see what an excellent training tool they are as well. I've filmed Julie running before, but it's all from a distance. Ken's footage is so close-up, it's much easier to see the details, good and bad!"

     Ken,  Thanks so much for the video - the good, the bad and the funny.  I really find
these videos to be educational as they show boldly what I need to work on.  And,
they provide for a few good laughs - particularly the circus run.  I laugh so
hard when I watch that one and it provides good entertainment for anyone who
happens by.  Agility certainly keeps one humble.  What a nice way to turn a run
I completely blew into a good time.  And the music is a perfect touch!  Thanks for all you do to create a wonderful keepsake.   - Cheryl M.    March 15, 2015 

     I got my video of Viva. Beautiful work as always. Even though Viva was being a stinker, you still made us look good. Thank you,        - Kim N.         Sep. 20, 2014      

    Hi Ken,  I got the DVD today and LOVE it!!  Thanks for doing such a great job.  I've watched it a few times already. ... Thanks again so very much,      - Katherine E.       Oct. 10, 2014

      Mike and I finally got to sit down and watch this DVD together and boy was it a treat!!!!! You have made many lovely DVD’s for me………but this was THE BEST EVER!!!! Mike and I agree. You *must* have been inspired…..I know I was inspired after I saw it. I envision things sooooooo much worse than the reality and that video made my spirits soar. JJ looks great and Skid looked great too. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! We sure loved that 37 min!      - Deb S.       Sep. 24, 2014

   Dear Ken,  Received the  video and as always I love it.  You know I am a big fan of the menu particularly with such a long video.  Thank you.  Also love the extra moments you put in that were just casual moments such as talking to Cheryl and the 2 corgi together.  Thank you for all the time you put in on these.  Another friend had her dog go suddenly to the Rainbow Bridge.  Not something that was expected at all.  Hopefully Piper will live many, many more years, but you never know what tomorrow will bring.  I will always have these wonderful videos.  Thank you. - Allison, Sep. 19, 2014