Calendar of Events  (updated - Thursday, April 9, 2017)

Below are the agility trials , go-kart races and other events on my schedule.  I plan to video those events without the ???? and I am considering  those  events that have (????) next to the date.

My granddaughter, Chaila Gassman of Raven Hill Videography (www.facebook.com/RavenHillVideography), is taking over most of the agility trials I used to do when I was younger.   Say "Hi" to her at the dog agility trials. She is a sweetheart that does good work.........and mother of my two great-grandkids.  Thank you for all the help, support and friendship at the dog obedience and agility trials over the last 37 years.

If there are any other trials/events that you would like for me or  Chaila Gassman to attend, please let us know about them.  We are more likely to go to the agility trials that the Trial Chairman asks us to come.
I go to the places where the "Fun Factor" is the highest.         

"Life is too short to be aggravated, have fun!"


June 21-22-23-24
Model T Speedster Reunion
Lincoln, NE - Museum of American Speed

July 28-29-30
Kansas City, MO - KCI Expo
MVACA/HSCA Central Regional

Nov. 10-11-12
Tulsa, OK
HSCA Annual Meeting

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